Local Delivery Devices

“The Way To Give Is As Important As The Given” –Molière, 1622-1673

Drug delivery is the art of “the way to give”; many of the current cancer treatments lack the specificity and despite ther effectiveness they cause serious side effects, therefore we aim to develop Drug Delivery Systems that will increase the affectivity and reduce the side effects of existing the treatments.

Biodegradable implants for Brachytherapy

Many solid tumors are treated by surgical removal of the tumor accompanied by chemo- and radio-therapy. External-beam-radiation was proven to reduce the tumor recurrence, however, it causes serious damage and side effects in other organs and tissues in addition to the therapeutic effect. Brachytherapy is the placement of radioactive material in the vicinity of the tumor or the tumor bed. Compared with conventional external beam radiation, brachytherapy offers a more localized radiotherapy which decreases the side effect in other organs. However, in many cases the implantation of these radioactive isotopes needs complicated and expensive procedures. In brachytherapy for breast cancer, these devices need to be taken out using a surgical procedure after completing the treatment. We have used biodegradable biocompatible hydrogel-implants loaded with radioactive material to provide an easier way to provide brachytherapy, in which the hydrogel will start degrading only after the treatment is finished reserving the need for surgical procedures to implant and remove the devices.

This technology is patented and is Exclusively Licensed to Targeted Therapeutics LLC.