*2020-November-30: Checkout this Behind the Paper blog post in “Nature Community” discussing our recent publication in “Nature Communication” about nanoparticles that target the tumor-microenvironment as a novel treatment for multiple myeloma.


*2020-November-27: Our research titled: “Tumor microenvironment-targeted nanoparticles loaded with bortezomib and ROCK inhibitor improve efficacy in multiple myeloma” was published today in the prestigious scientific journal “Nature Communication”.


*2020-October-14: Dr. Azab spoke at Abbott World Summit 2020 in his presentation titled: “Multiple Myeloma: Past, Present and Future”


*2020-October-12: Dr Kareem Azab went was featured in a radio interview with the distinguished journalist Mr. Wadea Awawdy, on the show “Outside the Light”, where he discussed about his academic and musical careers.


*2020-October-7: Our review paper, first author Dr. Basia Muż-Brown, (co-authored by Pilar de la Puente and Fida Azab), titled “The role of hypoxia in cancer progression, angiogenesis, metastasis, and resistance to therapy” reached a milestone of 550 citations!

*2020-September-21: Dr. Kareem Azab was promoted to Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at Washington University in St Louis!

*2020-September: Dr. Barbara Muz was promoted to Senior Scientist! Congrats and well-deserved!

*2020-August: Dr. Barbara Muz delivered a boy! Congratulations to the Brown Family.

*2020-July-24: Congratulations PhD Students Jennifer Sun and Kinan Alhallak for passing their Thesis Proposal Exams! One step closer to graduation!

*2020-July-1: Dr. Kareem Azab was named “WashU Inventor” this year by The Office of Technology Management at Washington University in St. Louis, after we were granted a second patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (in 2019) describing our “3D Tissue Engineered Bone Marrow” technology, following the first patent granted in 2017.


*2020-June-14: The Azab family participated in a large, peaceful, and beautiful protest today in Chesterfield, Missouri, USA


*2020-June-8: Our PhD student Jennifer Sun was elected as President of Graduate Professional Council (GPC) at WashU. In this role, Jennifer will represent all graduate and professional students on university committees.


*2020-May-15: Congratulations to our Class of 2020 seniors! You will be dearly missed!

Kate Wasden joined our Lab in 2018. She is a pre-Med and majored in Biochemistry in the Pre-Med program. Kate graduated her Bachelor degree with a research thesis and with distinct honor. Her research in our lab focused on the role of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in the dissemination of cancer, and how can we target it to achieve better therapy.

Shannon Gurley joined our Lab in 2019. She was a pre-Med and majored in Biochemistry and minored in Anthropology. Shannon will be starting medical school in Rosalind Franklin in Chicago. Her research focused on the role of uncontrollable blood-sugar levels in the development and progression of cancer

Congratulations to these brilliant ladies and we are confident they will be amazing physicians in the future!


*2020-April: Research activity has not stopped in the Azab Lab. We are working to develop our own COVID medicine and to improve the current strategies in the clinic by introducing drug delivery methods.


*2020-March-4: Our book chapter, “Biomaterials for cancer immunotherapy” was published in the book Biomaterials for Cancer Therapeutics (Second Edition)


*2020-January-28: Congratulations to Jennifer Sun in publishing her first first-author paper “Targeting CD47 as a Novel Immunotherapy for Multiple Myeloma” in Cancers.

*2020-January-1: Happy New Year!


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