*2019-November-04: Our work on drug delivery with nanoparticle systems was chosen to be highlighted in the “Progress and Plans of National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) Agencies”, which reported breakthroughs that were funded by the NNI through the NIH. This project describes a multi-targeted liposome system that works by overcoming drug resistance in multiple myeloma (work conducted by Dr. Cinzia Federico). Here is the link to the full report (find us on page 12).


*2019-November-02: Our two brilliant undergraduate students Kate Wasden and Nicole Guenthner presented their research findings at the WashU Undergraduate Research Symposium. Kate and Nicole are both winners of the Biology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (BioSURF). Their projects look at the role of hypoxia on progression and metastasis of cancer.


*2019-October-08: Dr. Kareem Azab was invited by Missouri Cures to kick off their Brews & Breakthroughs speakers series.


*2019-October-06: We celebrated the return of Dr. Cinzia Federico with yet another BBQ!


*2019-September-25: The Azab lab is reunited with Dr. Cinzia Federico from Italy! (and Dr. Pilar de la Puente in spirit!)


*2019-September-24: Basia Muz, Kinan Alhallak, and Jennifer Sun represented the Azab Lab at the 17th International Nanomedicine & Drug Delivery Symposium (NanoDDS 2019) held at MIT, Cambidge, MA. Our PhD student Kinan Alhallak was awarded the Best Poster Award! Kinan works on developing drug delivery and biomedical engineering approaches for cancer immunotherapy.


*2019-September-14: Dr. Kareem Azab, PhD students Jennifer Sun and Amanda Jeske represented Azab Lab at the 17th International Myeloma Workshop (IMW) held at Boston, MA.  


*2019-September-06: The Azab Lab shared our most recent research progress at the annual CBD retreat. Jennifer gave an oral presentation and Kinan won Best Poster Award!


*2019-August-26: It’s a new school year! We are excited to welcome Amanda Jeske back to the Azab Lab family as she starts her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at WashU!


*2019-August-05: The Azab lab celebrated end of summer with a BBQ feast!


*2019-July-25: Summer crew 2019! We’ve had a productive and fun summer with all of our amazing visiting students and undergraduate researchers! (Not pictured: Shannon Gurley)


*2019-July-06: Dr. Azab was invited by the Arab Women in Science and Engineering (AWSc) to give a talk at their Let’s Talk Science event about stimulating the immune system to fight cancer.


*2019-April-26: Today we are saying goodbye to undergraduate students Shruti and Katelyn as they graduate from WashU and move on to their next adventures. Shruti will be attending medical school at Wake Forest and Katelyn will start PhD in Biomedical Engineering at UCSD. We will miss you both! Also featuring the adorable Azab Lab cookies master pastry chef Katelyn made!


*2019-April-08: The Azab Lab celebrates our alumni Micah Luderer for completing the prestigious MD/PhD program! Micah will start his residency in Internal Medicine with a research fellowship at the Barnes Jewish Hospital at WashU! Congratulations Dr. Luderer!


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