*2018-December-13: Cellatrix LLC was recognized by Washington University on the “Startup Wall”, which highlights the startup companies spun-off from the university.

*2018-December-4: Kareem Azab and Amanda Jeske represented the Azab Lab at the 60th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, where we presented our Cellatrix Technology for personalized medicine in blood cancers.

*2018-November-28: Azab Lab attended the AACR Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Conference at Miami Beach, Florida! Barbara Muz and Kinan Alhallak presented two wonderfully received posters, while Jennifer Sun gave an outstanding oral presentation! We even got to meet this year’s Nobel Prize winner Dr. James Allison!



*2018-November-26: Happy Thanksgiving from the Azab Lab!


*2018-October-30: Kareem Azab was invited by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to speak at the  in Dalian, China! Azab Lab made it to Asia!

*2018-October-26: One of Azab Lab’s publication became one of the top downloaded articles in the European Journal of Haematology!

*2018-October-19: Azab lab’s startup company, Cellatrix LLC, was licensed to Canopy Biosciences, which will take over product sales and marketing! Cellatrix will continue to provide research services to our industry and academia partners.

*2018-October-11: It’s a busy month for Dr. Azab! Dr. Azab was invited speaker at Brown University’s Symposium on Hematologic Malignances.

*2018-October-8: Dr. Kareem Azab was invited to speak at the National Institute of Health (NIH)/National Cancer Institute (NCI) representing CMMN at WashU

*2018-September-30: Dr. Kareem Azab and Dr. Basia Muz attended the MidWest Drug Development Conference in Omaha Nebraska, where Dr. Azab was invited to speak about our novel targeted therapies in Multiple Myeloma.

* 2018-June-27Congratulations to Jennifer Sun and Kinan Alhallak for passing their PhD qualifying exams! They will formally start their PhD research program in our Lab and will be focusing on the development of novel approaches to activate or block signals in immune cells as novel immunotherapies in myeloma and other cancers. Keep up the good work!

* 2018-June-1We are excited to welcome Dr. Nassera Aouali, who is a visiting scientist from Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) and has done some excellent work on multi-drug resistance in multiple myeloma. Welcome to the family!

* 2018-May-29Today we are sending away Dr. Pilar de la Puente, who finished her post-doctoral training in the Azab lab, and will soon start her academic career as assistant professor with a joint appointment in Cancer Biology, Immunology, and Biomedical Engineering, at the Univeristy of South Dakota, where she will lead her own laboratory. Pilar has been with us since the start and had outstanding achievements. Within her 6 years at the Azab Lab, she published 12 first-author scientific papers (an average of a paper every six months!) and co-authored over 15 additional papers with other peers in the Lab. In addition to her academic success, she is an inventor on 3 patents and also co-founded Cellatrix LLC. We will miss her dearly, but we are very happy and very proud of her! Best of luck!

* 2018-May-25A new patent (WO2018081291A1) was issued for the Azab Lab (inventors: Dr. Kareem Azab and Dr. Pilar de la Puente). The patent describes nano-particles that will carry chemotherapy specifically to the multiple myeloma cells to improve the efficacy of the treatment, and at the same time avoid damaging the normal tissues.

* 2018-May-4Dr. Kareem Azab was invited to speak on “Targeting CD47”, at the 4th Annual Immunotherapy in Myeloma Scientific Workshop held in San Francisco, CA.

* 2018-May-4Dr. Kareem Azab and Dr. Pilar de la Puente were recognized at the 2018 Celebration of Inventors, for their US Patent on “3D tissue-engineered bone marrow for personalized therapy and drug development”. This event was hosted by WashuU Siteman Cancer Center and Center of Technology Management. Speakers at the event included St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton, alongside other university leaders.

* 2018-March-15Dr. Cinzia Federico has finished her post-doctoral training in the Azab lab and has accepted a position as lab manager at a Clinical R&D and Phase I Unit in the CREA Laboratory, Department of Hematology, ASST Spedali Civili, Brescia, Italy. During her time in our lab, Cinzia worked on the development of nano-sized drug delivery systems for the treatment and imaging of solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. We will miss her deeply. Best of luck in Italy!



* 2018-March-12Dr. Kareem Azab was invited to present on “Targeted Drug Delivery Approaches for Localized and Disseminated Tumors” at the CBD Research Forum Seminar.

* 2018-March-5The Azab Lab family gathered to bid farewell to beloved Cinzia Federico, who will be finishing up her post-doctoral training in our lab and soon move back to Italy for her new job.

* 2018-March-1Dr. Ahmet Surucu is joining our lab for his post-doctoral training. Ahmet obtained a medical doctorate degree in Istanbul, Turkey, and will be a unique addition to the Azab Lab family!

* 2018-March-1Lab lunch at our favorite sushi joint in town!

* 2018-February-22Dr. Kareem Azab was invited by the Office of Technology Management to speak at the St. Louis Venture Café’s special panel to share his insights and experience on medical entrepreneurship.


* 2018-February-1Our work in 3D Tissue-Engineered Bone Marrow (3DTEBM) for personalized medicine for multiple myeloma was featured in the Siteman Cancer Center Newsletter.

* 2018-February-1Our work, “Injectable Hydrogels for Localized Chemo- and Radio-Therapy in Brain Tumors”, published in Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, was featured on the CMMN Center for Multiple Myeloma Nanotherapy website.

* 2018-January-1Azab Lab wishes everyone a happy and fruitful new year!

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